Does Your Price Affect Ranking?

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What factors are considered in the Amazon search algorithm has been a discussion debate people in the private label circles have had for seeming ages. Everyone has a theory, and those theories range from conspiracy level ridiculous to well thought out and tested.

One theory that has been presented more than a few times is that price is a ranking factor. This stems from the idea that Amazon is concerned with profits and therefore would logically give rank weight to items that make them more money.

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Traditional Methodology Meets Modern Distribution


Our next client case study, Mike R., veered course dramatically, with the initial intent of being a physician. While in school he decided to finish his degree in finance instead and worked as an analyst out of college for a large firm. From the sea of cubicles, Mike realized he would not attain fulfillment having to work for someone else. He had to forge his own path.

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Pricing, Seasonal Fluctuations & Understanding Market Trends


If you’ve spent any amount of time selling on Amazon you’ve probably realized by now it isn’t a cakewalk. It’s much more like a wild ride, rife with challenges that even the most experienced business people get surprised by.

One unpleasant surprise is being greeted by seasonal fluctuations and the end of your grand opening “honeymoon period.” This usually means you’ll experience an unprecedented drop in sales and rankings. A number of factors contribute to this; competition, price wars, conversion history, market trends and so much more.

But what can you do? Is there a way to stop this?

Truthfully I don’t think there is. However, you can safeguard your business by understanding a few key principles.

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Out of the Monkey Suit, Into the Amazon

Our next client case study is Jonathan G. Jonathan came from the stiff suit and tie corporate background so many of us are familiar with. When given a job offer to make multiple six figures a year, he turned it down because his entrepreneurial spirit was beginning to rear its head. He experimented with selling various things on Amazon and thought that there might be something there worth investigating.

Jonathan knew starting his own brand of products would take commitment, as well as an investment. He invested $25,000 of his own money into his initial product order and then proceeded to max out credit as well. That investment allowed him to launch with three size and five color variations of a single product.

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The Sky is Falling: Volume 2

As you can imagine, at ZonBlast we get a lot of the same types of questions. However, I can say with confidence that the number one question we receive is about reviews.

Our response is always the same; we aren’t a review service, and in no way require, request, instruct, or otherwise push for a review in any way shape or form.

And every time, those folks ask “why?” They ask why on Earth wouldn’t we offer or guarantee a certain minimum review conversion percentage. They ask what value ZonBlast adds (for those that don’t understand how important ranking is).

So, why have we abstained from being any kind of review service? Why did we take a strong – and at the time, very lonely – position against review groups, review services, and gaming of the review system by way of incentivized reviews?

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From the Friendly Skies to the Amazon

Our next case study follows Jack J. and his journey from being a commercial airline pilot to an extremely successful ecommerce entrepreneur. He and his partner, who practiced Chinese medicine, had what seemed to be the farthest thing from any background that could prepare them for this journey.

But a love for the nomadic lifestyle and the need to not be subject to corporate shackles drove him to seek out the entrepreneurial path.

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Deep Dive Into Amazon Indexing


I am sure most people that started selling awhile ago have already tested all the nuances of Amazon’s indexing spiders, but since things have changed recently I was prompted to run some tests again. With the ever evolving Amazon landscape it is important to revisit the basics to truly get an idea of what is different. Or at least give you some idea of aspects of the algorithm that may have changed.

With that said, I’ll run you through my tests and the results I got from it so that you can compare notes from months ago.

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