Hacking Vendor Express for Greater Ranking & Profits

Vendor Express is only just now a couple of years old. It’s Amazon’s gateway into establishing a wholesale relationship (referred to as 1P) with sellers. Essentially it is their vendor “lite” program. The difference between Vendor Express and the regular, invite-only Vendor Central program is that with VE anyone can sign up. Anyone can also place their products up for offer to wholesale to Amazon.

When you do this, Amazon can either accept your offer or decline the price you give them. If they accept, this opens a number of vendor tools for the seller (AMS, on-page coupons, and a couple others). Historically, however, this is where sellers hit a snafu. At this point, Amazon takes “control” over the detail page listing for the product. When they do this, they tend to follow extremely outdated and inefficient style guides that, for the most part, un-optimize the listing.

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Traditional Methodology Meets Modern Distribution


Our next client case study, Mike R., veered course dramatically, with the initial intent of being a physician. While in school he decided to finish his degree in finance instead and worked as an analyst out of college for a large firm. From the sea of cubicles, Mike realized he would not attain fulfillment having to work for someone else. He had to forge his own path.

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Out of the Monkey Suit, Into the Amazon

Our next client case study is Jonathan G. Jonathan came from the stiff suit and tie corporate background so many of us are familiar with. When given a job offer to make multiple six figures a year, he turned it down because his entrepreneurial spirit was beginning to rear its head. He experimented with selling various things on Amazon and thought that there might be something there worth investigating.

Jonathan knew starting his own brand of products would take commitment, as well as an investment. He invested $25,000 of his own money into his initial product order and then proceeded to max out credit as well. That investment allowed him to launch with three size and five color variations of a single product.

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From the Friendly Skies to the Amazon

Our next case study follows Jack J. and his journey from being a commercial airline pilot to an extremely successful ecommerce entrepreneur. He and his partner, who practiced Chinese medicine, had what seemed to be the farthest thing from any background that could prepare them for this journey.

But a love for the nomadic lifestyle and the need to not be subject to corporate shackles drove him to seek out the entrepreneurial path.

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Client Case Study: International Business Student Goes Rogue

A handsome business man at his company office building

At ZonBlast, we pride ourselves in helping brand owners succeed. Quite frankly, that is our number one goal. We work with brand owners from all walks of life, who vary in background, startup capital, connections, and everything else. Their diverse nature truly is a testament to the fact that anyone can succeed in a physical products business.

Today we’ll look at one of our long-time customers Ryan E. Ryan owns a couple of brands, but recently decided to try his hand in one of the most competitive niches on Amazon; pet products. While ZonBlast has helped Ryan achieve many of his goals, it isn’t the only strategy that a successful Amazon seller can employ. We’ll discuss exactly what Ryan did to get his business off the ground and moving in the right direction. Continue reading “Client Case Study: International Business Student Goes Rogue”