Some Anecdotal Data on the Power of PPC on Amazon

I wish I had more concrete data to offer, as I know anecdotes aren’t nearly as compelling as aggregate numbers, but I don’t manage others’ sponsored product campaigns, so I only have my own experience to pull from. And I know that individual experiences vary too much to provide significant value, but I hope this sheds some light on the overall idea behind why it is good to run Amazon PPC.

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F2L2 Wrap Up from Our Perspective


We had the distinct honor of partnering with Ryan Moran’s Freedom Fastlane Live event for the second year in a row and I wanted to touch on some takeaways I personally got from the speakers as well as some big news and announcements we made.

First, the event…

I didn’t get the chance to listen to each speaker as we were doing a lot of strategizing and networking of our own. I heard from everyone I talked to that they ALL did a wonderful job, but I did want to at least share what I got out of the sessions I did have the pleasure of attending.

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The Sky is Falling: Volume 2

As you can imagine, at ZonBlast we get a lot of the same types of questions. However, I can say with confidence that the number one question we receive is about reviews.

Our response is always the same; we aren’t a review service, and in no way require, request, instruct, or otherwise push for a review in any way shape or form.

And every time, those folks ask “why?” They ask why on Earth wouldn’t we offer or guarantee a certain minimum review conversion percentage. They ask what value ZonBlast adds (for those that don’t understand how important ranking is).

So, why have we abstained from being any kind of review service? Why did we take a strong – and at the time, very lonely – position against review groups, review services, and gaming of the review system by way of incentivized reviews?

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16 Reasons Why Heatseeker Is Right For Your Brand

Vintage Missle Rocket ready for your message

If you sell your own brand of products on Amazon, then you’ve undoubtedly heard about ZonBlast, and if you’ve heard about ZonBlast, you have also probably heard the buzz about our newest URL option: Heatseeker.

This buzz has created a conversation that, unless you are one of the lucky people who have benefited from it, sounds almost unbelievable to most people. And, given the amount of hype-speak out there in this industry, why wouldn’t it?

Just about every service out there promises the moon when it comes to what they can do for your Amazon business. So we’re not going to do that here. We’re not going to talk about Heatseeker at all. Rather, we’re going to show you a small sampling of recent results our clients have experienced lately… Continue reading “16 Reasons Why Heatseeker Is Right For Your Brand”

The Sky Is Falling: Epilogue


We’re now over six months post-TOS-gate…the change that rocked the Amazon world. Everyone released their statements and speculations at the time. Some predictions came true, some appear to have been entirely misguided. For the most part, however, the dust has settled. Now it’s time to weigh in on what has happened since then…and to comment on the ways you’re being misguided.

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