Brands in mirror are farther than they appear… is the largest online marketplace in the world, which makes it one of the most lucrative opportunities for brand owners big and small. Businesses there can move at light speed.

To survive on that marketplace, you need the right tools and the right tactics, both of which can be dispensed by other services.

Experience, however, is the key ingredient the others don’t possess.

The minds behind ZonBlast have the experience of cultivating their own six and seven figure brands, and those of their clients.

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Launching in the Fast Lane: The ZonBlast Whitepaper

whitepaper-coverIf you are selling on Amazon’s marketplace, your goal is likely the same as everyone else’s; take advantage of the massive traffic of ready to purchase buyers that browse Amazon daily looking for products. That is the dream, but in order to live that dream you have to take your product out of obscurity. See, while Amazon is a huge and heavily trafficked marketplace, it is also just a really big catalog. That means, without any effort, any product you list in it will be somewhere on the last page, buried under thousands of competitors, with no way to find you except to click on to the next page into seeming infinity.

That is why you need a product launch. Akin to throwing a grand opening at your physical retail store in hopes to start a domino effect of word-of-mouth advertising, a proper product launch secures the most valuable thing you could ever gain in eCommerce.  MOMENTUM.  Product  launches  on Amazon, however, aren’t limited to new products, nor are they a one-time event. Launching really is just another word for an extremely effective way to promote and grow your product, and you’ll take advantage of the process in one form or another multiple times while building your brand.

Launching a product on Amazon is essentially an equation. It is a simple, mathematical formula that need only slight tweaks to fit  your specific niche/category/product/situation. It is more science than art, because anyone (and we do mean anyone) can replicate it and see success in virtually all categories on Amazon.

So what is this equation?

Equation is a bit misleading. That makes it sound super complex. It is really more simple arithmetic. It is Sales Velocity + Keywords = Ranking. And in this instance, ideally  Ranking = Sales.

Sales velocity is the rate at which you get sales over time. The faster sales come in, the higher the velocity.

So, how can you get more sales if sales is what you are lacking and attempting to get in the first place? Sounds a bit tricky, but we’ll get to that in a minute.

Keywords are very important as well. When properly researched and optimized, keywords in the title, search terms, URL, and most elements of a listing help Amazon rank your product in search. Amazon’s algorithm attempts to serve up the most relevant products in a given search,  and relevancy is based on listing optimization as well as popularity.

The more people who search for a term and decide YOUR product is the one they want, the higher up the rank your listing will go for that keyword. But here we go again. If a higher rank is what you’re after, how do you make a bunch of sales through a keyword to get it? More on that in a moment.

The final piece of that formula is Ranking = Sales. As we explained earlier, Amazon is a catalog. It also has a very complex and efficient search engine that helps consumers navigate the catalog. That is how many consumers find the products they wish to buy. Amazon is known for having competitive offers, so rather than go there just to seek out a specific brand, most people type in what they want in the search bar and choose from the array of options presented to them.

So Ranking = Sales. But you need sales to get ranking.

This is where the fast lane launch strategy comes in.

There are three effective ways to get your product in front of people so that you can start to benefit from the magic of momentum.

  1. Amazon Sponsored Product Ads
  2. Aggressive Pricing
  3. Blasts

We will go over each one, and how best to use them for maximum results.

CLICK HERE to read the full 23 page Launching in the Fast Lane Whitepaper