Does the Age of a Listing Affect Ranking on Amazon?


We sure love rabbit holes here and that is why we are continuing down the wonderland of keyword ranking. In this episode of ranking factors we explore whether there appears to be a strong correlation between listing age and rank. Now, determining listing age is difficult, as the exact date a product became available on Amazon isn’t shown to the public. So we had to get creative and we judged our listings’ begin date based on the date of their very first review.

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Does Seller Feedback Have An Effect on Keyword Ranking?

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This is an old issue, and most sellers have moved past it. We concluded long ago that there was no reason to believe seller feedback had any significant effect on keyword ranking. Even though the popular consensus landed on this, I felt it would still be worthwhile to look at the data.

So my team and I analyzed 113 popular keywords and key phrases. We looked at the top ten listings on page one for each keyword and drilled down into their seller accounts. We collected the data based on 1130 seller accounts, recording their lifetime seller feedback.

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Does Amazon Store Size Affect Ranking?

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One of the many long contended ideas about Amazon’s elusive ranking algorithm is that the size of your store may have an impact on ranking. On the face of it, we can come up with just as many logical reasons why that is ridiculous as we can why it makes sense. The only real way of drawing meaningful correlations is to look at ranking listings and their owners’ store sizes.

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Does Voting Reviews “Helpful” Affect Ranking?


In our constant obsession with what exactly makes Amazon’s ranking algorithm tick, we decided to turn our attention to certain nuances that have long been under speculation. One is listing “activity” or otherwise helpful and unhelpful review votes.

Some have wondered whether tampering with reviews in any way would affect, positively or negatively, keyword ranking. While this is one of those small factors that it would be impossible to determine fully, we still thought it would be worthwhile to look for any obvious correlations. So we narrowed our focus to helpful reviews, and set out to see if those helpful votes appeared to be connected at all with the ranking of the product.

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Do Wishlisted Items Rank Better on Amazon?


There’s been a lot of speculation about whether or not adding products to wishlists helps keyword ranking on Amazon. It almost seems too easy; almost an affront to all of the hard effort we put into ranking our products. If all someone has to do is have their listing added to a whole bunch of wishlists, maybe we’ve been going about this the wrong way.

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Some Anecdotal Data on the Power of PPC on Amazon

I wish I had more concrete data to offer, as I know anecdotes aren’t nearly as compelling as aggregate numbers, but I don’t manage others’ sponsored product campaigns, so I only have my own experience to pull from. And I know that individual experiences vary too much to provide significant value, but I hope this sheds some light on the overall idea behind why it is good to run Amazon PPC.

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Is Amazon Shorting Us With Their Enhanced Brand Content?

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Enhanced Brand Content is a topic on everyone’s minds, since Amazon has just released it to the masses. For those of you not familiar, EBC is essentially A+ Lite for third party sellers.

See, once upon a time only vendors were allowed to enhanced their listings with something called A+ content, which essentially enabled them to add full banners, high resolution images and a lot more information about their brand and products. EBC offers a slightly less robust option for brand registered third party sellers. It offers a number of different layouts, but all provide plenty of space for brand images as well as detailed copy.

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Do Inventory Levels Affect Ranking?


As we dig deeper into everything that may affect keyword ranking, be it positively or negatively, we continuously run into the question; “Do inventory levels, specifically running low on inventory, negatively impact rankings?”

This is a really hard thing to determine. Without polling people individually on their subjective experience, and having them monitor keyword ranking during low stock, it proved difficult to gather any meaningful data. So that meant digging into as many listings as possible and ferreting out the information we needed.

Nonetheless, I came up with some data that we may find useful.

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