What Impact Does the Bullet Section REALLY Have on Keyword Ranking?


We keep diving deeper and deeper into what makes Amazon’s keyword ranking algorithm work. The only way to truly analyze it is by looking at data served up from listings that are already in top ranking spots, or those that move into those spots after promotion and optimization. The interesting thing is, as we dissect the listings, often the data comes at odds with conventional wisdom. This time is no different.

The data we dug into for this examination was specific to bullet points. We analyzed 2,500 listings; the top ten results of 250 keyword phrases. We focused on a very simple set of criteria:

  • How many full bullet points were showing.
  • How many times was the searched for keyword mentioned within the bullets.

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Is Amazon Shorting Us With Their Enhanced Brand Content?

Main Search Engine Component

Enhanced Brand Content is a topic on everyone’s minds, since Amazon has just released it to the masses. For those of you not familiar, EBC is essentially A+ Lite for third party sellers.

See, once upon a time only vendors were allowed to enhanced their listings with something called A+ content, which essentially enabled them to add full banners, high resolution images and a lot more information about their brand and products. EBC offers a slightly less robust option for brand registered third party sellers. It offers a number of different layouts, but all provide plenty of space for brand images as well as detailed copy.

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