Traditional Methodology Meets Modern Distribution


Our next client case study, Mike R., veered course dramatically, with the initial intent of being a physician. While in school he decided to finish his degree in finance instead and worked as an analyst out of college for a large firm. From the sea of cubicles, Mike realized he would not attain fulfillment having to work for someone else. He had to forge his own path.

The entrepreneurial bug was caught, and Mike began his first foray in startup-land. While that endeavor did not bear fruit, it lead to him meeting his current business partner and starting down the path of selling physical products online.

From the Ground Up

Unlike many private labelers, Mike started his business in a bit more of a traditional way. Him and his partner sank over $100,000 into creating a unique health and personal care product from the ground up. They paid for research and development, testing and trials, and so much more that goes along with starting a traditional business. The initial goal was to create the brand, and Mike and his partner actually had no idea how to pivot onto the Amazon marketplace yet.

The initial launch strategy was also much more traditional. Mike and his partner exhibited their products at trade shows and expos to get exposure. They searched for distributors and other retailers that would hopefully give them channels through which to make sales.

After that, they decided to explore e-commerce and specifically wanted to focus on Amazon. They created their listing and, like so many of us, went to their networks of friends and families to garner those first, precious reviews.

Enter ZonBlast

After about four months Mike’s company had grown to around four sales a week. They managed to gather 30 reviews and things were off to a slow start. Unfortunately, due to the immense investment, Mike and his partner had higher hopes for a more rapid expansion. Then they were introduced to ZonBlast.

Here is what Mike had to say about his experience:

“Three months after our first ZonBlast, our monthly sales more than doubled. We had a huge spike in BSR and in addition to that with an effective follow up system, we started generating significantly more reviews. We went from 30 reviews to 200 in about 3 months. We went from focusing on other channels to doubling down on improving our Amazon sales. After introducing changes and suggestions from a ZonOptimize product we once again noticed our organic sales increasing two fold from the already previously doubled levels.”


Where Things Landed

As of today, Mike says his company is selling five SKUs across two brands and generating close to $20,000 a month. They utilize ZonBlast for every new product launch and for maintenance as needed. This is because rank boosts are critical to providing the exposure necessary to massive growth on Amazon.