The One that Started it All

The Solo Blast was the very first concept ever to provide a completely controlled spike to Amazon’s algorithm. It was so effective that it revolutionized the Amazon promotional strategy space.

With the evolution of the algorithm, new promotion strategies, timed algorithm spikes and other methods have been born, but the Solo still has its place.

A Solo Blast essentially “awakens” the algorithm to your listing’s existence, which is a crucial first step in the launching of a new product or the re-launching of one needing revival. In some less competitive categories, a single Solo will also have all the effect you need to rank for important keywords.

Solo Blasts Here to Stay

They are an integral piece to the promotional puzzle. They offer the perfect option for one off, initial spikes. They are also great for adding more control to the spacing of your promotions.

The Solo Blast Strategy

One of the most effective ways we’ve found to launch new products, or revive old ones, is to start with a Solo Blast using a fairly significant amount of units. After a few days, this will give you a clear idea of what it will take to push your product further in rankings, and also provides the initial foundation upon which other promotional strategies can be built.

A Shock to Stimulate the Algorithm

A Solo Blast provides a single, mass unit promotion that will sufficiently spike Amazon’s algorithm and force it to place your listing within reasonable grasp in rankings for important keywords. This creates the foundation from which your future promotions will be built.

Do one-day Solo Blasts still work?

Despite the rumors and fear-mongering, Solo Blasts continue to work. Check out just a few of our clients’ results with Solo Blasts below…

Multi-day promotion, long-term results


Inspired By Natural Sales Trends

Solo Blasts became the instant gold standard in product and brand launches on Amazon. Fast promotion, fast results.

But after a Solo Blast, what do brand owners need to do to continue to feed the Amazon algorithm? What can assist them on their final pushes from page 3 to page 2, page 2 to page 1, and to the top 5 or top 3?

The obvious answer is periodic Solo Blasts. But sometimes a more natural approach is best.

Some brand owners want a multi-day sustained wave of sales…

And a Wave is what they got.

Enter Wave: the perfect supplement to a Solo Blast.

The Strategy

With a Wave, we’ll run your promotion over your choice of 4 (Wave4) or 7 (Wave7) days in such a way that it feeds the Amazon algorithm precisely what it’s looking for – sustained sales.

Conversion rate will be consistently above the norm, which is necessary to ensure substantial movement.

Ride the Wave for 4 or 7 Days

Wave4 will allow you to experience sustained sales over a period of 4 consecutive days. Wave4’s are recommended as an immediate followup to an initial Solo Blast on a new product. Wave4 is also recommended for low and mid competition products which are established in their space.

Wave7 will sustain that promotion over a period of 7 consecutive days and is recommended both as a followup to an initial Solo Blast as well as ongoing efforts to increase rank to a desirable position. Great in high competition spaces; dominating in low and mid competition spaces.

Even the most powerful launch strategy can evolve


Our Most Advanced Promotional Strategy Yet

Do you know why there aren’t real “Amazon Experts”? Because the rules change so often that it’s an ever-evolving game requiring constant study, mountains of data, and incessant testing to keep up. Here at ZonBlast, we make it our business to keep up.

In fact, we eat, sleep, and breathe Amazon and product launches.

ZonBlast was one of the first services of its kind to figure out that sending a large amount of sales allowed for quick ranking. Following that to its logical conclusion, Waves allowed people to rank faster and better. If we keep on this logical progression, then we understand a couple of key things:

  1. Amazon loves consistent sales in short succession (ie: high sales velocity)
  2. The more sales you get, the more Amazon “love” you’ll get. You’ll rank more favorably, provided the internal elements of your listing are in order (see our Build line of services)

But this can get costly, both in terms of marketing dollars and inventory.

Well, the statistic studying egg heads at ZonBlast have put together yet another formula for producing massive results. This one even more powerful than anything we’ve seen before.

Introducing Pulse

The goal here was to think of a way to juice rank improvements with minimal inventory loss over maximum time. Understanding that keyword rank improvements often have a lag time of about 2 to 5 days, we thought to experiment with blasting every other day. While we were confident it would produce great results, we had no idea it would be THIS good.

Over the course of 15 days you can make serious movement in your niche.

But how? Why does this work so well?

Have you ever been on a trampoline with another person? Remember being a kid, jumping up and down oh so happily with your friend, laughing as your hair seemed to stop standing on end for a split second at the top of every jump? Then what did you do? You two little geniuses figured out that if one jumped at the exact moment that the other landed you’d catapult into the air. That rhythm….that’s kind of what Pulse is like.

By sending periodic sales, we’ve managed to create a rank catapult like no other. And now we’re here to offer you this amazing tool. Rocket your product to success like a heat seeking missile using carefully planned, spaced promotions with Pulse.

With 8 total days of promotion, spaced over 15 actual days, you’ll see results like you’ve never dreamed. There is simply no better way to spend half a month in your marketing plan.

Maximum Results, Minimal Inventory Requirements

Because Pulse operates on an every other day basis, we’re able to “juice” the Amazon algorithm over an extended period without having to move units during a promo every single day. With an every other day Pulse, decreased units are required on a daily basis in order to produce meaningful effect with ranking.