Our mission is to help your business grow faster than you ever thought possible.

The Vision

ZonBlast began, as so many of the greatest resources begin, to fill a personal need.

Before it ever started the algorithm stimulation revolution and before the word “blast” was even a thing, ZonBlast was a small but responsive group of Amazon buyers that helped an even smaller group of entrepreneurs realize the full potential of their brands.

The full power of ZonBlast was entirely stumbled upon by accident. This goes to show you that sometimes the greatest achievements aren’t made by design, but the true test of a visionary is recognizing when you have stumbled upon magic.

The reason ZonBlast is so powerful is not because it was formulated by the greatest scientific or marketing minds, but because it inherently has that magic and someone keen enough found it.

There is simply no more effective way to stimulate all aspects of Amazon’s search algorithm the way ZonBlast does, staying within Terms of Service and doing things above board (as we call it, White Hat).

With something so powerful, there was no way we could NOT offer this to the world.

Our goal is to help empower as many brands as possible to realize their true potential and change their financial futures for the better. To that end, we’ve helped countless small businesses positively impact their futures, and many large companies grow to offer even more great products and opportunities.

We’ve worked with brands that currently top the charts on big marketplaces like BodyBuilding.com, brands recognized as big retailers in stores like ToysRUs and Target and even brands featured on the popular tv show Shark Tank.

But who we serve the most is the startup brand.

The small, family owned business, brand. We’ve helped them to find a footing for their brand on Amazon.com so that they can expand beyond. If you have a budding brand, or an established company whose presence on Amazon is lacking, we can do the same for you.



Joe Junfola

Founder & CEO

Joe has been a full time entrepreneur since 2009 and since that time has built and sold multiple companies, generated 8 figures in revenue, runs 4 of his own brands, and has led the charge in creating ZonBlast.

He has spent countless hours helping brand owners achieve success and hack their business growth by focusing on aggressive action and cutting out the noise. He is a sought-after no-nonsense coach and advises clients and ZonSquad students daily.

As founder, Joe laid the foundation for a radical shift in launching products on Amazon, and as CEO, he provides strategic vision for adapting to change, serving customers, and cultivating a strong team.


Anthony Lee


Anthony utilizes his past experience as a copywriter and customer service specialist to run two successful brands on Amazon. He has also consulted for half a dozen other Amazon sellers, helping them generate a collective seven figures in sales during his time with them.

Anthony’s time with Zonblast is spent developing new products (such as ZonOptimize, Review Rush and Pulse). His obsession with Amazon’s algorithm also keeps him researching and testing the most effective ways to help brands grow organic sales.


Ken Moore


Ken is a central part of the ZonBlast support system, having developed his knowledge of blast strategy under advisement of Joe & Anthony. He embarked on a career as a full-time entrepreneur in 2014 and devotes his time to building his business and helping ZonBlast clients build their own as part of the ZonBlast team.


Barcus Patty

Head of Client Services & Success

Barcus’ background includes years of wholesale and retail sales, management and running his own businesses.  Being in a customer facing environment has given him the unique skills to understand what the customer is looking and listening for, even after the sale. Barcus makes makes a great asset to the ZonBlast team as a senior copywriter and our Review Rush Specialist.


Michael Lee

Optimize Specialist & Senior Copywriter

Coming from a background in writing, sales, and media production, Michael bring his expertise to ZonOptimize as our Listing Specialist and has personally overseen the production of hundreds of listings. Producing copy that gets sales and advising clients on how to properly present their product, he is a valuable asset to the ZonBlast team and its clients.


Sheena Palangan

Junior Copywriter

Sheena is one of the company’s Junior Copywriters and writes copy for clients. She is a mom of four who works from home, because ZonBlast is not just about nurturing and building up businesses but also about building a bright and healthy future.


Flynn Cornelia

Junior Copywriter

Flynn worked for the BPO industry for several years, mostly with the training and development team. He decided to take a completely different track in life and began freelance writing. As a well-trained and highly skilled writer, Flynn helps craft the promotions that are the backbone of ZonBlast’s process.