Feel Like Your Listing is Missing Something?

If you’ve been a seller of your own branded products for any amount of time on Amazon then you’ve learned of the importance of product reviews. If you’ve ever taken a course on how to sell your own private label products on Amazon, you’ve been taught that reviews are of the utmost importance. At some point, every soon to be successful seller learns that reviews are NECESSARY.

But Why Are Reviews Necessary?

Because they level the playing field. See, for an Amazon customer, reviews are important because it allows them to experience a product through the eyes of their “peers.” It lessens the risk of purchasing a product they will be unhappy with. These reviews make it feel safer to purchase from brands that aren’t mainstream.

In essence, the review platform allows you to grow a new brand that can actually compete with big names.

So We Just Need More Reviews, Right?

But how do you get them? I mean, statistics show that the average review rate for a product on Amazon is a measly 3% with organic sales. Sometimes, for very small brands with little activity on their listing (reviews, comments and questions) you’re even lucky to get that.

At that rate, it could take FOREVER to grow your business.
It doesn’t HAVE to be that way…

There are ways to increase your review rate on organic sales to more like 20+% or more. By creating a dialogue with your customers and engaging with them, you can provoke a steady stream of reviews that will have your products and brand growing like wild fire.

Introducing Review Rush

Review Rush isn’t any sneaky tactic or even grey hat hack that tricks Amazon’s system. Instead, it is simply the careful use of well placed, professionally written copy that totally conforms to Amazon’s TOS’s and results in a flood of glowing reviews.

A Highly Converting Optimized Followup Sequence

Once you get a customer, if you simply let them go on about their life without ever interacting with them, you are leaving behind one of the most valuable assets a business can have. By implementing a follow up email sequence, you open the door to communication and relationship building. And the type of relationship you build will be one that makes it very easy to ask for feedback. Our follow-up email sequence is customized and geared toward your needs, but professionally written to inspire your customers to feel good about your brand. Not only do we offer copy, but we also offer a brandable template that will allow you to keep your brand’s image consistent across all platforms.

With a dialed-in followup sequence, you can rest assured knowing you have a steady flow of reviews that will help build up your brand into a major player in the market.

Don’t let your brand building efforts lose steam. Bolster them with the power of product reviews.