Increase Your Conversion Rate with Professional Copy

You’ve spent the money on inventory….

You’ve dedicated the time necessary getting great pictures and building your listing…

Maybe you’ve even prepared for a Blast or run your own Facebook promotions…

But have you given serious thought to your listing? Are you SURE your copy is where it needs to be to convert at a level that allows you to compete with the top players in your niche?

The bottom line for listing copy is if you’re not consistently converting at the highest rate possible, you will not rank.

Sales copy isn’t just words on a page. It appeals to emotion. It induces action. It’s what produces long-term results and sustainability.

That’s why we the team at ZonBlast has put together ZonOptimize, a premium service that that will increase your conversion rate, guaranteed.

Here’s what our professional copywriters will do for you when you order a listing Optimization for just $797 today:

  1. First, we’ll analyze your current listing and identify blatant shortcomings (yep, your listing has issues, and we can fix them)
  2. Second, we’ll research your niche and the primary keywords and keyphrases that produce buying traffic
  3. Third, we’ll develop a customize title that will get clicks from search results, and convert buyers on your listing
  4. Fourth, we’ll create high-level bullets that are designed to highlight the benefits of your product and put that customer in the shoes of having owned your product….before even clicking “add to cart”
  5. Fifth, we’ll construct a product description that your competitors will envy, which will seal the deal on the sale by the time they finish reading it
  6. Last but not least, we’ll advise you as to how to improve your current images (or even specifically what to replace them with if they need serious work)

Pick your own deliver date and on that day, your optimized listing will be in your hands. All you’ll need to do is copy and paste right into Seller Central.

This is a full turn key service. We do the research. We do the work. You sit back and enjoy the improvement in conversion rate.

Increase Your Conversion Rate with Professional Copy

If you are in need of professionally written compelling sales copy that is also Amazon search friendly, ZonOptimize is for you.

If you could use an in-depth competitor analysis that gives you a comprehensive picture of your marketplace and how you can gain an edge, including via images, pricing, and more, ZonOptimize is for you.

Who This Is Not For

If you do not have control over your listing and/or have had issues editing your listing in the past, ZonOptimize probably isn’t for you. If you do not have total control with your listing, are you prepared to battle with Seller Central for a compliant title that you’ll be OK with?

If you want to remain 100% TOS compliant by limiting your title to 50 characters and bullets to 200 characters while listing what your product does in the shortest and most concise language possible, removing ANY sales copy, then ZonOptimize is likely not for you.

If you have been repeatedly and regularly hit by Seller Central for violations of titles, images, or any other elements of your listing either as a result of a competitor continuously reporting you or Seller Performance waging offensives against your listing, then ZonOptimize likely isn’t the best option for you right now.

Optimize Your Conversion Rate…Guaranteed

Our professional copywriters are so confident in their ability to produce an increase in conversion rate, we’re willing to back it with a full money back guarantee. We’ll do the research, we’ll do the hard work. You implement. If you do not experience an increased conversion rate within 60 days, we’ll issue a full refund.

Testimonial: Beauty Niche

In the first few months of having my product listed on Amazon I made sales and seemed to going along fine. Over time I saw sales plateau and things seemed sluggish. I tweaked and improved but with little result.

Things changed quite quickly after I brought Anthony on board. I hired Anthony at the beginning of 2015 and in two months time my sales doubled and revenue tripled. His capacity and skill to write copy, improve the important aspects of the listing from title, bullets, promotional strategy and much more have brought me reviews and higher rank.

If you want to get your business moving towards success quicker than do this and DO IT NOW. We all have competitors working to beat us to the customer so I highly recommend getting Anthony on your team, beat the competition and crush it!

Mark Mason, Beauty Niche

Testimonial: Sports & Fitness

I was humming along with great sales for my product...until Amazon changed the game on my category and all of the sudden my sales were 70% lower. I honestly didn't know what to do.

Luckily, this is exactly around the time I was introduced to Anthony Lee. He already had seen the issues I was facing on Amazon and he came up with a specific plan to re-optimize my listing...

And then Anthony implemented his plan to perfection. I'm selling more units per month than ever before with higher monthly revenues and now I'm walking away with more cash-in-my-pocket profit.

Brian Silverman, Sports & Fitness Brand

What is the turnaround time for an order?

Orders are scheduled via our calendar. You will select the desired delivery date, and we will deliver your Optimized listing within 48 hours of that date. Typically 90% of orders are delivered on the delivery date you select. Some may be slightly delayed due to high volume periods or holidays.

Can I see examples of listings you've Optimized?

Sorry, but this will not be possible due to our Terms of Service which include a mutual Non Disclosure Agreement. Without explicit permission, we are unable to share product information, including listings or content within that listing. That said, our ZonOptimize testimonials are extensive and can be found here.

I don't have control over my listings. Can you help?

If you are having issues editing your own listing, please try getting Brand Registered. This isn’t a foolproof answer however it helps in many cases. Beyond that, we can’t provide advisement. We can’t gain control over your listing for you. If you are Brand Registered and still don’t have control over your listing, are you prepared to fight Seller Central for control? And are you OK with likely having a “compliant” title on your listing?